Friday, July 20, 2018

Produce by Joy Toy , model HZ0026 Fenglin

Produce by Joy Toy , model HZ0026 Fenglin

Open cockpit with Pilot

Open cockpit with helmet 

Pilot sit on Robot arms

Side weapon 1

Side weapon 2

Back View of Robot

With weapon up rising

With weapon up rising and open cockpit

With Pilot on Robot arms and open cockpit

This is produce from China bloomage joytoy technology development .
the concept is name from 暗源 know as SOURCE.

In the year of 2029 , the UNSC has form , all the soldier with special powers, and war between each other , so the story continue.....

Sunday, April 17, 2011

2011-Apr-10 (Serenity firefly) 宁静

So sorry all my friend , i have not been update my blog for so long.
This afternoon , i when to china SQ , saw some one is selling the (Serenity) 宁静 Firefly model only for SGD$30 , at some local some is price at SDG$95 , this is a really a good deal, so i hunt it under my collection, below is my photo for the model.

a S

Monday, December 6, 2010

Biggest News of Singapore 2010 (新加坡2010 so call大事)


工程师图吻女医生 破财8000元免坐牢

兽医干兽行 被控非礼女下属

工院生校园内 涉非礼4女生


乖仔竟变‘精液男’ 老父老母老泪纵横

女职员疑亏空9万 红十字会报警

7恶少围攻 打断辅警鼻梁

个位看官,在看了已上的新加坡2010 so call大事, 有何感想呢?

Sunday, December 5, 2010

05 Dec 2010 (toy carnival 2010)

Toy carnival 2010

this come with:
- Auz Figure
- Camo'd Shirt & Shorts
- Boots with Socks (molded)
- Bush Hat
- Grizzly .50 Cal Sniper Rifle
- .44 Magnum Pistol with Holster
- Belt with Harness
- Flechette Grenades (x4)
- .50 Cal Bullets (x16)
- Capture Net with Rope
- Machete with Sheath
- Tazz Figure
- Tribal Mask
- Blowgun
- Blowdart Drum with Cord
- Shrunken Heads with Cord

this come with:
- Figure
- Yellow Fireman Jacket & Pants
- Fireman Boots
- Oxygen Mask
- Nomex Hood
- Belt
- Oxygen Tank with Harness
- Fireman's Helmet (yellow)
- Chainsaw
- Walkie Talkie with Throat Mike
- Hooligan Bar
- Fire Axe with Holster
- Personal Alert Safety System Device
- Fireman's Pike

All this is my hunting , from the old 21st century , and it only SGD$10

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Few week ago , have goto falcon collect my order for the Hot Toys "TrueType Body – African American Male" , it cost S$50 , this is the photo from Hot Toys.
Do you think you very very look like Mr. Obama ???
here is the actual photo take from home.

after open from the display box.
And i have brought the "TTL Men's Suit in Light Grey (TT-68001) " at yellow box , it cost S$50 , this is the photo of the product.

open from box.

photo take from home in the night.

Today go to yellow box , i ahev also brought one Hoy Toys TrueType Body - Caucasian Male , it cost S$50, this the the actual photo from Hot Toys.
any way i have also brought from yellow box , the TTL 68015 Infernal Affairs Black Leather Clothing Sets (for 1/6 12" figure!) S$40
the body and head is not included.
After i have wear it to the TrueType Body - Caucasian Male, it remind me of "prison break" the Lincoln Burrows.
Here is the photo i have take at home for this figure.