Saturday, July 17, 2010


Few week ago , have goto falcon collect my order for the Hot Toys "TrueType Body – African American Male" , it cost S$50 , this is the photo from Hot Toys.
Do you think you very very look like Mr. Obama ???
here is the actual photo take from home.

after open from the display box.
And i have brought the "TTL Men's Suit in Light Grey (TT-68001) " at yellow box , it cost S$50 , this is the photo of the product.

open from box.

photo take from home in the night.

Today go to yellow box , i ahev also brought one Hoy Toys TrueType Body - Caucasian Male , it cost S$50, this the the actual photo from Hot Toys.
any way i have also brought from yellow box , the TTL 68015 Infernal Affairs Black Leather Clothing Sets (for 1/6 12" figure!) S$40
the body and head is not included.
After i have wear it to the TrueType Body - Caucasian Male, it remind me of "prison break" the Lincoln Burrows.
Here is the photo i have take at home for this figure.

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