Thursday, September 18, 2008

18 Sep 2008

Hi All , was found a new Zombie Army company name as "Peril Unlimited" , try to ask bird store to order , hope got good news,
here are the Zombie i like : Bloody Betty

Peril Unlimited is a little company, and that's an understatement. It's a one man show, similar to the old Vaudeville musicians that played 20 instruments at one time with various parts of his body. They released the figure Ash, their first zombie, almost one year ago now. They're second zombie is now ready to ship, and she's a beaut - Bloody Betty! We don't get many female zombies, and this one is an unfortunate cheerleader. Or she was before joining the undead. Talk about ugly Betty!

You can pick this lovely lass up for around $35 - $40 (USD), depending on the retailer. You can get her from Peril directly, or you can hit one of the sponsors I have listed in the Where To Buy section. Betty is a limited run, but I don't have the word back yet on what the final production size was. Peril themselves are selling 250 of the regular and 250 of the bloody, and since the bloody versions are all hand distressed, you can bet there aren't tons more.

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