Friday, April 10, 2009


Today , buy Jolin new CD "花蝴蝶" , i select the Big Box package, is only $28.50 from Popular Book Store.

in side got ,花蝴蝶 BUTTERFLY CD + MOUSE PAD + Note PAD + cushion + poster

The anticipated follow-up to her best-selling 2007 album Agent J, Butterfly is Jolin Tsai's 10th studio album, and her first after signing with Warner Music. Always updating the visual style of her music, the trendy Taiwan pop diva previously incorporated yoga and pole dancing elements into her performances.

This time, she employs some stunning acrobatic ballet routines in expressing the album's motif: Be the brave and beautiful butterfly that you are!

Songs on the album include the titular dance anthem "Butterfly", and other main plugs like "Real Man", "My Reliance" and "Parachute".

Title :

01. 花蝴蝶
02. 愛引力
03. 影舞者
04. 妥協
05. 大丈夫 Real Man
06. 降落傘
07. 愈慢愈美麗
08. 我的依賴
09. 你快樂我內傷
10. 熱冬 Hot Winter

here are the "花蝴蝶" MV from youtube.

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