Saturday, September 26, 2009

26-Sep-2009 (saturday before actual F1 race)

Today is the Saturday before actual F1 race , but the walk about ticket has ready all sold OUT!!!, so take a walk in orchard road.

Btw who say orchard road is always jam crowded with people , here is at the Grade Standard Hotel shopping place.

here is other place which is so quite at all !

here is the ISTANA Park , hardly to see any people here,

Nice garden walk.

so peaceful .

a nice and quite pool.

the land mark of the park.

some young people resting and sing song here.

Very BIG !!!!

here also got a makan place, but look a bit expensive.

a garden walk.

so quite , i think in the night must be a lots people come here for parktor.

so long did not go for Fish and Company.

High way to Heaven.

the new look.

no people !!!

ready for the F1

business go or not ?

opposite site also quite.

from top jump down don't know will take how long to reach the floor.

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