Wednesday, March 3, 2010


At Night , at the store room , dig out a old female figure , it call "CY Girl: XIXOX Bloody Rose" ,
here are the description:

From the CY Girls line of super-sexy 12 inch action figures comes... XIXOX Bloody Rose. Featuring a fully pose able action body, this 1/6th scale authentic collector figure comes with complete accessories and die cast metal weapons.

With stunning beauty and a name that belies her true nature, Angel is as cold as ice. Trained in combat and weapons during her time in Special Forces she has forsaken those values and no longer feels any need to conform.

Thus she has aligned herself with those that defy order and the rule of law. Features: head with rooted hair & earrings, body with a pair of bare hands, black body suit, set of black long sleeves, long boots, eye goggle, head mic, two knives, M-9 Pistol set x 2, hand grenade (Ball shape) x 2, hand grenade (Tube shape) x 2, G36K Rifle set, drum magazine, ANPEQ-2 Laser set, M203 Grenade launcher, M203 Grenade x 4. (Subject to change.)

Bloody Rose looks sexy, but the the truth is...beneath her pretty face, she was born extremely violent! No wonder she's the top assassin of XIXOX. Her specialty is mortal combat by using her favorite killing weapons of a customized G-36 auto-machine gun, together with a dragon teeth dagger.

i remember i brought it from one of the action figure collector shop at the orchard road (has close down long long time ago) ., it cost approx $59 , good deal right , here are some of the photo shooting.

Front Box.

Back Box.

Left Side.

Right Side.
Both Side.
After out of the box with some weapon.

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