Saturday, July 17, 2010

16-July-2010 (old toys)

Few days ago, i have go to yellow shop , brought a Wild Toys 1/6 Trench Coat:#2 Light Gray it cost S$35.90 ,

this is the actual product.

so i wear it on the smoking man .

do you think he look like a old man on tour?

This one is a very old from Hot Toys collection , and the long pants can be detach.

This one is a very old collection from Dragon , the original setup was very simple ,
so i go to all around the island , buy some parts to make it look better.

The Last for today , this figure the body is from 21st center, the head is some small custom make , and the clothing and parts is all miss and match, do you it look like some old time PMC?

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