Sunday, May 23, 2010


This few week was so busy with work , no much item to update my blog.
last month , have brought the "Revoltech Series No.086 Professor Layton (PVC Figure)" at Falcon , is cost only $40, this PVC figure is really alots of parts, here are the detail:

Front Box.

Detail in side.

Final Product.

Japan advertisement.

At the same time , also collect the "Sega Mega Drive 16bits card case" , is made in Japan , that why it this name card case cost $18!!!

Original Packager. (copy from )

in side. (copy from )

Actual Product. (copy from )

Japan advertisement. (copy from
Although Xbox360 and PlayStation3 are technically superior to the classic consoles, we must never forget the old ones. Here is a series of card cases that pays tribute to the ancestors of the shiny systems.
The sleek, black Mega Drive 16-BIT Card Case is cool, the sober color fits with your smartest business suits, so bring it with you to you conferences. (this is really old school man!)

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