Saturday, May 29, 2010


This morning 11.30am , have go to the expo for the L2P Toy Carnival, but i a bits disappointed most of it is selling computer hard ware , TV , home entertainment system, the toy section is very small in hall 6, and the whole expo go to food fare , poplar book fare and other fare, the whole expo was so human JAM!!! , don't forgot to mention the MRT and car park , oh man!

StarCraft 2

so many starcraft supporters.

the event center stage.

Movie Mania store.

some of the toy store.

another toys store.

on sale on sale, clear stock!!!

this type of Big head doll , Singapore got market ???

The Falcon Hangar store , Mr. Roy is here.

Falcon 1/6 section.

another Falcon 1/6 section.

Action City store.

IronMan 2

Iron version 1,2,3 and special.

astro boy.

Starhub also here.

what is this ???

super jam food fare.

i don;t think i want to Que for food.

After come out , i major problem, whole body oily smell !!!

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