Saturday, May 29, 2010


Afternoon simple toy Ann has can me i place order the sideshow "Shaun the Dead" ED has arrived , it cost S$90 , this figure is base on the horror movie "Shaun the Dead one of the actor,
here are some of the photo i have taken.

Here is the spec of this figure features:
Authentic likeness of Nick Frost as Ed
Fully articulated male body with 30+ points of articulation
'Got Wood' T-shirt
Two Vinyl Records with Sleeves
Pool cue
Cell phone
2 sets of interchangeable hands
12-Inch Figure Display Base with 'Shaun of the Dead' logo

"Next time I see him, he's dead."
- Ed
Ed has been Shaun's best friend since childhood. Content to play video games and crash on Shaun's couch, Ed's sloth is usually rubbing off on the malleable and dissatisfied Shaun.
But while neither friend is the most driven fellow, the two friends are forever linked and loyal to one another.

When Shaun's life takes a downward turn, Ed does all he can to push Shaun to lighten up and have a little fun.After Shaun has a terribly unsuccessful day, complete with being dumped by his girlfriend Liz, Ed commiserates with his best friend as they drown their sorrows at The Winchester pub.

Despite Ed's advice to move on and forget Liz, Shaun drunkenly realizes that his miserable and mundane routine will never make him happy.
Shaun vows to get Liz back, reconcile with his parents, and make something of his life. Meanwhile, a zombie plague threatens to overtake London and ruin Shaun's plans and Ed's busy schedule of playing video games.
In order to save their futures, Shaun and Ed round up Shaun's friends and family, and they make the epic journey back to the pub to fight off the undead from the bunker of The winchester.

copy from sideshow.
*** can see this ED is a BIG guy , i have not open the box yet , i wonder did sideshow really make a BIG guy boby or just add some thing on it ***

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