Thursday, June 10, 2010


Today , i just take out those fat pants , so i wear it on , wow is was so BIG , look like i have loss a lots of weight , i am the biggies loser of the year!

At afternoon , received a sms from falcon , finally my order for "sarah connor" from hot toys has arrived, it cost S$180 , so far is the most expensive 12inch action figure i have brought, here are some photo i have taken it.

outer slide box front.

outer slide box back.

inner actual figure packager left layout.

inner actual figure packager right layout.

inner actual figure packager center layout.
inner box back.

this is the actual "sarah connor" from T2 movies,

I must say , this "sarah connor" so far is the most real , you can see the figure come with so many parts, weapons etc...

but personally i feel that , the hot toys spend to much of money on packaging ,the box was so BIG and it not environment friendly for nows a day, may be next time for toy MFG can reduce the packaging , so it will lower the product costing.

Because the packaging was so nice , to open it or not to open it, i still not make up my mind, ai ~ human!
don't know will hot toys release 10 years old "John Connor" 1/6 action figure or not?

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