Saturday, June 12, 2010


Today is PC show , i have when to take a look , it was so many people , human JAM !!!

6th floor

6th floor

i even saw some people just take the catalog and at door side
and throw it here , ai ~~ this event don't know how many tree
has been chop off !!! save the earth please ~~~

belive it or not , like this type of pc parts store in this PC show ,
their are only one!

my favorite brand and product!

At this pc show , i did not buy any thing (because me have no money).

at approx 4.45pm , i was at junction 8 , happen saw KOSE have a "Meet Olivia" music showcase.

the event stage.

autograph session.

autograph session.

During this event , they are selling her new album , the normal verion (SGD$20) and the so call SACD version (SGD$26) , the normal is in white and the SACD is in pink packaging.

the SACD front packaging.

the SACD back packaging.
i have brought Olivia Ong new album the so call SACD on today KOSE event ,and i also have the normal version in back last month,after i when home to compare both disc with my Hi-Fi and mp3 player , sorry to say , IS THE SAME !!!the so call SACD i belive is really the disc is SACD , but the source is the same as the nor...mal version, hope that HIM music can explan why , and for me , i don't mind paying more for better quality of musics and songs, but don't just release a so call SACD which the same quality with the normal version . :(
(some one in facebook have say "u need an SACD player in order to listen to SACD quality difference. Normal CD players or media players cannot differientiate the quality. ;) "
is it ture ???
Look like me must buy a SACD player lor.

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