Wednesday, January 6, 2010


During 2009 year Dec , so how i housekeeping the store room , i dig out a gift from my friend Patrick Tan , is the "STAR WARS: Star Destroyers" mfg by AMT/Ertl in the scale of 1/4222 58 parts, but some how i think this company has stop the plastic model making.

This kits is also have the Fiber Optic add on , but did not want to use it on this kits , keep for next time some other super kits :) .

Here is the actual kits parts layout.

Compare to the old time big brother Aifrix , this kits the plastics is very tick , if i make for the fiber optic version , if will be a hard time.

Same as all US or UK model , i need to use a lots of masking tape during glue up the kits , some parts even need super glue, i use Tamiya Light Gray colour by hand paint , with Dark Gray to touch up the effect for Shadow, the sign plat still not complete yet , on the way .

Here is my completed model .

Dam , i need a good camera!

Here are one of the super good Star Destroyers build by oversea model builder , , the fiber optic is very very nice , here are some of the pictures.

wow !

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