Monday, January 4, 2010

31-Dec 2009

Hi all , as the end of the year , wish all have a "Happy New Year!" .

for me 2009 is the HARD year , family , work , health , etc............

after i have notices my health issue ,

i have a control diet , my HB from 172/120 drop to 120/70 , amnd weight from 95.5KG drop to 85KG , more to go.

As i have listen from radio , to have reduce weight , food in take is 80% and for exerciser is 20% , for such a lazy FAT pig let me , forget about exerciser.

As i have weight so much in with two month , i feel my mind can focus well , and not sleepy in the afternoon after meal, sleep will in the night, and save alots of money on meal with control diet.

So i don't understand why those people going for those so call "Sliming Center" to wase so much of money on lose weight , in fact you can save money on siming weight by our self.

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