Tuesday, January 12, 2010


During weekend , go walk walk at Tiong Baru Plaza , go to 5th floor the Hobby Shop , saw a Old China "Qing Dynasty Navy大清北洋水师" Heavy Cruiser "镇远号“, and is only price at S$9.90 , so i grap one , here is the some photo of the box art , detail of the kits and actual photo of the actual ship , don't know when go time can start to build it. :(

Box Art.

Actual detail from model.

build by a modeler from the actual model.

(Below all the photo is from http://www.beiyang.org/ "北洋水师" web site" )

Photo from museum build from scratch.

Another photo from museum build from scratch.

Actual Ship at dry dock.

Actual Ship at China sea.

( 如果当年黄海大战打赢的话, 我们可能还在绑辨子 )

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