Thursday, January 14, 2010


Today is the result of after 2 month+ of control diet with healthy food pyramid ,

(by the way i have cut the Alcohol )

After i have weight my self on the weighting machine , i have notice i have lost weight from 95.5KG to 77KG , total lost of 18.5KG (from Grade 1 obesity to Healthy) , the high blood pressure from 172/120 drop to 120/70 ,base on the BMI Calculator , is the same as the dietitian use ,

now my BMI from 30.1 drop to 24.3 , is Healthy!

She was so surprise i have lose so much in such a short period, and she was so worry do i have eat enough of nutrition, but i told he is fine with me, and so do the doctor after verify me blood test , blood pressure and urea the resulted , he said is perfect Healthy for me.

So now i have to believe " you are what you eat "

yea yea , i have lost weight , let celebrate , lets go and eat buffet !

WAIT ! Crazy is it ! , must control man, Health is number one!

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